Service & Repair


Regular servicing and maintenance of your garage door system is important to ensure it remains reliable and safe long term. Garage doors and their openers’ warranty are usually conditional. We offer thorough, affordable preventative maintenance for all makes and models of garage doors and openers.


If your garage door becomes hard to operate, continuing to use, or attempting to repair it yourself can be dangerous.

Our expert repair technicians are qualified to diagnose problems with all makes and models of garage doors and remote control openers.


Broken / Tangled Cables Or Tracks

These two repairs usually occur together but can also happen individually. It can be a lifting cable coming off the drum that causes the wheels to come out of their tracks or the other way around. Or, if a cable gets tangled, it can cause the door to jam. In these situations, the cables can be repaired or replaced if broken.

Broken Hinges

The hinges on your garage door do all the heavy lifting, and it is common over time they will need to be replaced. Our technicians are able to tighten or replace hinges for all makes and models of garage doors.


Whether you have a sectional or a tilt garage door, over time, the springs will sustain wear which can lead to them breaking. It is recommended that when one spring is broken, all springs are replaced at the same time. Usually, if one spring breaks, it is often found that the other is worn. Keeping your garage door parts functioning guarantees your door to operate to its best ability.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Our technicians are able to repair or replace most automatic door openers and stock a large range of garage door remotes should you need a replacement.


In the event of an accident such as a crash or impact into your garage door, the safety of your home and contents can be compromised. If you are in an emergency situation, we will do our best to get to you as fast as possible. Deluxe Doors work with a number of insurance providers to ensure an efficient turnaround service should you need to make an accident claim.